Travel Theme: Waves

This week’s Travel Theme by Where’s my backpack is Waves. I’ve always loved the peace I feel when looking at the sea. It’s not about swimming in it, although I do enjoy it. It’s just the relaxing feeling, a sensation of “home” when I’m sitting there watching. I chose a few photos from a beach close to … More Travel Theme: Waves

Travel Theme: Self

This week’s Travel Theme by Where’s my backpack is Self. By looking at my pictures I’ve come to the conclusion that traveling solo makes you take an absurd amount of photos of your feet/shoes (or is it just me?). Maybe it’s a way of  showing “I was here”, maybe it’s a shoe fetish? or maybe it … More Travel Theme: Self

Travel Theme: Inspiration

This week’s Travel Theme by Where’s my backpack is Inspiration. I went through the photos and paintings I’ve done in the past, looking to find sources of inspiration. There were many themes that seemed to repeat: nature, people, architecture, etc. But I noticed a pattern in many pictures captured in the places I have traveled too: a … More Travel Theme: Inspiration

Travel Theme: Faces

This week I found and decided to join the weekly Travel Themes by Where’s my backpack. For this week’s theme “Faces” I compiled some of the photos I have taken, of sculptures or art installations, for the last couple of years. I edited the pictures to highlight the theme: