Travel Theme: Early

This weeks travel theme by “Where’s my backpack?” is Early. I decided to go with the obvious for this theme, and dedicate the post to sunrise photos I’ve taken during my trips (which are far less than I thought I had because I don’t like to get up early…).    

Travel Theme: Future

This weeks travel theme by “Where’s my backpack?” is Future. When thinking about the future and how the world will be, it is easy to picture robots, skylines of cities with buildings of all sorts of shapes and sizes, shiny metal or glass things seems to be the main materials and textures in our imagination. … More Travel Theme: Future

Travel Theme: Fabric

This week’s Travel Theme by Where’s my backpack is Fabric. Almost three years ago now, I had the privilege to spend 3 months in Nepal. An incredible country with beautiful people. My time there was spent doing many things but at the same time relaxing, reading and resting. It is by far one of my favourite traveling experiences, and … More Travel Theme: Fabric

Travel Theme: Self

This week’s Travel Theme by Where’s my backpack is Self. By looking at my pictures I’ve come to the conclusion that traveling solo makes you take an absurd amount of photos of your feet/shoes (or is it just me?). Maybe it’s a way of  showing “I was here”, maybe it’s a shoe fetish? or maybe it … More Travel Theme: Self

Travel Theme: Faces

This week I found and decided to join the weekly Travel Themes by Where’s my backpack. For this week’s theme “Faces” I compiled some of the photos I have taken, of sculptures or art installations, for the last couple of years. I edited the pictures to highlight the theme:


After a few months of getting things done (read as selling furniture, getting rid of things you don’t want, quitting job, etc ) and several goodbye parties from my wonderful friends in Vancouver, I embarked on the first part of my trip. Making a short stop in England, I made my way to Kathmandu at … More Nepal