The Vietnam Gathering

After a much needed time in the US getting to know my beautiful little nephew, I took a plane heading to Vietnam.

I only had a week there and was meeting up with Bill and brothers (for some “meeting the family time”), so I started in Hoi An and we made our way down to Ho Chi Minh.

Hoi An, Vietnam
Hoi An, Vietnam

Hoi An is a touristy town close to the beach, and a nice place to hang out for a few days. The first day we went out rock climbing out in Marble Mountain (with the guide of Phat Tire Ventures). It was a good area for climbing, although there appeared to be only a handful of routes, they were different grades and overall enjoyable to climb. The caves at Marble Mountain are also worth checking out.

The evening was filled with time at the beach, a little live music and good food with a bunch of people (out of coincidence a lot of people we knew were in Hoi An at the same time).

While there we also rented some motorbikes and drove out to My Son (a smaller version of Angkor Watt). The drive was fun, although a little scary for me, but a good way to see a little more of what was around.

My Son, Vietnam. Photo by Bill Kyzner
My Son, Vietnam. Photo by Bill Kyzner

Our next stop was Dalat, a really nice town up in the mountains. To get there we flew into Nah Trang, took a taxi over to the bus station and got a mini van up (2 and half hours). The mini van was crowded and uncomfortable. The best option is the Phung Trang company, but their buses leave only a couple of times a day and at set times. So if you arrive in the middle of the day like we did, the mini van options is available to not sit around and wait.

The main activity in Dalat for us was canyoning (we went with Phat Tire Ventures also), rappelled down waterfalls, zip lined, went down natural slides, and swam in the river. It was a really enjoyable day and 100% worth it.

We spent the last couple of days with Bills brothers in Nah Trang relaxing by the beach. Although not the nicest town, it’s has a nice beach and it was a good way to end their trip.

Nah Trang, Vietnam
Nah Trang, Vietnam

After saying goodbye me and Bill headed down to Ho Chi Minh. We visited the war museum (they close around lunch time, so checking their schedule is recommended) and the Cathedral as a way to learn a little more about the history of the area. But mostly we went to cafes, ate delicious brunch and enjoyed all the things that are not that easily obtained in Fuyang.

Ho Chi Minh City
Ho Chi Minh City

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