Travel Theme: Future

This weeks travel theme by “Where’s my backpack?” is Future.

When thinking about the future and how the world will be, it is easy to picture robots, skylines of cities with buildings of all sorts of shapes and sizes, shiny metal or glass things seems to be the main materials and textures in our imagination. But looking at my traveling photos, I was focused on the feelings and emotions that I experienced on the moment I was there.

It is easy to focus on the scientific and technological progress that will come in the future. But let’s also hope for moments of entire peace, silence and nature.

I took this video the final day of one of my treks in Nepal. After a few days of walking we descended into a small town called Dhampus, where I would spend the last night. Very early in the morning I made my way to the top of the hill, alone at the top I experienced a moment of entire peacefulness. Just me and a 360 view of mountains and nature.

I want my future to be filled with moments like this.





3 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Future

  1. Hi my lovely Stephi……Its a beautiful morning …here in Btighton(!)…after some very grim, dark gray rainy days……I thought..” I must check on Steph’s “Where’s my Backpack..”, and watched your amazing short video of sunrise in Napal… beautiful and so peaceful….I pray the future of Napal will reflect this paradise soon, again…….

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