Travel Theme: Routine

This week’s Travel Theme by Where’s my backpack is Routine.

Living in China has shown me the variety of jobs and activities that can be the centre of peoples routines. Many of them, even when they look familiar, are done in a different way.

  • Sunday walks next to the river in Guilin, Guangxi often were accompanied with the sight of fishermen:


  • Sweeping the streets (Guilin, Guangxi) can look different when it’s raining:


  • Fishermen lock their boat onto the ferry tour boats to provide fresh fish for the passengers lunch (Tour down the river from Guilin to Yangshuo):


  • The opening of a new restaurant down the street (Guilin, Guangxi) is done with fireworks, flowers and dancing dragons, at 8 am on a Tuesday:


  • On hot summer days construction workers make sure to take their much needed daily afternoon nap (Hangzhou, Zhejiang):


  • At the Muslim Quarters in Xi’an young men work on sweet candy treats creating a show for the tourist who crowed the street:




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