Summer Break in Brighton

view from Rottingdean
view from Rottingdean

I’ve been to England a fare share of times given that I have family from there. This past Summer I had the chance to get to see a little bit of Brighton for the first time.

It was only a few days but it was fun to be able to walk down the pier, along the beach and soak my feet in the water (Yes only my feet! it’s still England, and I don’t like cold water). It is a pebble beach, no sand, which I quite enjoy. There is something relaxing about walking on the pebbles, although it can be a little painful on the feet!

We also walked around town through the Lanes, the Royal Pavilion and the Marina. All beautiful places that are worth a visit if you find yourself in Brighton.

The Royal Pavilion
The Royal Pavilion

On one of my days there we took the bus to Eastbourne, with the intention of walking around and having some lunch. Getting on the bus we were surprised to see a large amount of people heading the same way as us. There was a Air Show going on in Eastbourne which we knew nothing about, but it was a fun addition to our day trip.

Once in Eastbourne we walked down the hills, then down along the pier as we enjoyed planes and helicopters doing their acrobatics.

Eastbourne Air Show
Eastbourne Air Show




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