Sunshine, boat rides and grass skiing at QianDao Hu

photo by Bill Kyzner
photo by Bill Kyzner

Last weekend we were invited, along with some friends, to visit the hometown of one of Bill’s colleagues. The small village was close to QianDao Hu, a lake created in 1959.

We took off on a bus from Fuyang directly to the small town. We walk through the village that rarely sees any foreigners, peeked into the small streets, the town’s centre and Bill’s colleagues house.

After the tour we went back to the tourist area close to the lake. Stopping at a nice viewpoint that allowed us to take in the scenery and enjoy a little bit of sunshine before dinner time.

The next day was filled by a boat ride with stops in two of the islands. On the first island we took the 10 second cable car up the “mountain”, enjoyed the views and “grass skied” back down to the boat.

The second stop took us to a weird little island, where you can watch a short Thai Lady Boy’s show, that included a 1 trick magician (literally 1 trick), a couple of belly dancers, a Chinese calligraphy painter, and 3 lady boys singing and dancing.

We also had the option to “drive” jet skies, with a person at the back controlling your every move, so we decided to pass on that and head back onto the roof of the boat were we could enjoy the much appreciated sunshine.

On our way back to Fuyang we were lucky to get invited to visit the Cheerday Brewery (Chinese beer). We had a short tour around the brewery, looked at all the process and tried a surprisingly nice cold glass of draft Cheerday.

It was a fun quick trip, doing activities that we would normally never plan to do by ourselves. And a way to see a little more of China.


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