Temple of Peace and Tranquility


Our visits to Shanghai normally are centered around eating and drinking and doing activities that are closer to “home” as a bit of a respite to living in a small town in China. Not that we don’t like the place we live in (we do!), but sometimes good Mexican food is needed!

This time around I had the morning off before catching an afternoon train back, so I decided to hop on the subway and visit the easily accesible Jing’An temple (that translates to Temple of Peace and Tranquility).

As soon as you exit the subway you notice the golden shine that the temple brings to that area of the city. With the blue skies, that I was lucky enough to get, the top of the pagoda created and incredible color contrast that was great to photograph (sadly I only have my phone camera).


The entrance fee was 50RMB, which I believe was worth it. It doesn’t take long to go around the temple, but it’s definitely a place where you can find tranquility for an hour or two on your visit to Shanghai.

Jing'An temple

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5 thoughts on “Temple of Peace and Tranquility

  1. I spent a happy hour in this temple. I was able to pop into Shanghai for 2 hours and came across this temple completely by accident. It was a lovely surprise and a tranquil break on a hectic day.

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