Halloween, Costumes and a Bloody Sock

Wizard – Caracas, Venezuela

Halloween is coming up and I’m jumping on the halloween blog post wagon.

The past few years I have been traveling and not really getting into the halloween spirit. In China it seems to be more of a novelty holiday gaining traction due to a higher number of foreigners living and traveling through. Yet, I don’t seem to be in the mood to dress up. This may be also due to the fact that I prefer a nice sit down night out, drinking a beer or two, rather than a wild party night.

But I’ve had many fun halloweens during my life. Even though I grew up in Venezuela, we still celebrated Halloween (or Noche de Brujas) and went down the streets of our enclosed neighbourhood trick or treating all dressed up in the usual Witch, Vampire or whatever movie character is in fashion attire.

So I decided to go back and compile some of the photos taken during the  last few halloweens.

I wish I had some of the photos of my costumes as a kid, specially one showing of my cool Dracula cape that my mother slaved over, but those pictures have been long gone. Instead I’m left with pictures of what are clearly my attempts to dress up for halloween, but still use clothes that are comfortable.

Carving pumpkins, Vancouver-Canada
CowGirl – Vancouver, Canada
Mine Mouse – Linping, China
Devil – Vancouver, Canada
Bloody Sock – Panchasee-Nepal

Ok, that last one was not a costume, and it is actually my blood on the sock (not fake blood!). But I though a photo of my foot+sock after a trek through the jungle in Nepal and being attacked by leeches, had a nice Halloween scary story touch!


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