Warriors, Wild Goose and an Electrical Fire

Warriors, Wild Goose and an Electrical Fire
Warriors, Wild Goose and an Electrical Fire

During the Summer Bill’s mom came to China for a visit, and I was able to join them for their last part of the trip. I met up with them late at night in Xi’an. The city mostly known for the Terracotta Warriors.

We started the day bright an early, by heading to the Terracotta Warriors, which are about an hour drive away from the city. I found the site to be really interesting, and when you learn a little about the history (we hired a private tour guide) it makes it that much more.

The details on the sculptures where impressive, and it was fun for me to see the excavation and restoration process.  It took me back to when I was a kid and thought that I wanted to be a paleontologist, mostly because I found the idea of digging things out of dirt really fun.

I do have to say that once you’ve seen the first major excavation site, the others become a bit repetitive. So a couple of hours there is more than enough.

The next stop was the Big Wild Goose Pagoda, a Buddhist pagoda which was built during the Tang Dynasty. China does parks, plazas and public spaces very well. They are frequently maintained with trees and flowers always trimmed and in bloom. So walking around the Pagoda was enjoyable even in the oven  like weather (it was close to 40 C).

At the end of the day we went to the Ancient City Wall to have a look at it and walk around for a little bit. Initially we considered renting the bikes (its supposed to be a really nice bike ride), but hunger, tiredness, and the heat finally go to us, so we called it a day.


After a shower and a long nap, Bill and I headed over to the Muslim Quarter for dinner. The place is one long street filled with lots of different options of food, and we walked from stall to stall trying things until we were not able to eat anymore. The night ended for us, when an electrical fire broke out in one of the houses right next to us. (Nobody seems to have gotten hurt, and  fire department was on its way as we where heading out).


Before catching the train to Beijing the next morning, we had the chance to walk around the Small Wild Goose Pagoda. And again, it was a pleasant walk around a pretty park. We spent a long time staring at the fish in the big lake as they went crazy for food.


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