A Day Trip to Tianducheng

Tian Du Gong Yuan
Tian Du Gong Yuan – photo by Bill Kyzner

Only 6 km outside of LinPing, there is a town called Tianducheng, with a replica Eiffel tower and  European looking buildings to make you feel like you are walking down streets in Paris. But people never moved to the town, so now most buildings are empty, and walking down the center feels more like an old movie set that was never taken down.


The main fountain, to our surprise, is up an running, and makes for a nice picture taking spot with the small replica of the tower at the back. The strange charm of the little town makes it a very popular spot for wedding pictures. During our day there we saw a parade of girls with big white (and red) wedding dresses, followed by a camera crew and their obliging grooms.

Across the street from the fountain, there is an entrance to TianDu Gong Yuan. A very nice park that, aside from a few run down buildings, is very well kept with even a small beach area in front of a lake.

This might not be a major tourist spot, and I wouldn’t necessarily recommended it for people coming as a tourist. But for those living around the area, it makes for an interesting day trip, and a way to see a little more of a different side of China.

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6 thoughts on “A Day Trip to Tianducheng

  1. Hello – thanks for posting this on #TravelAtHome. It looks like a rather restful (if bizarre) place and sounds like a perfect break from it all.

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