Hong Kong Slabs and Macau Tarts


Spring holiday was up, and we started the 1 month holiday  with a week in Hong Kong climbing and exploring the city a little more. We rented a small studio through airbnb for the week, on the Kowloon side, which proved to be very well located in a cool area with easy access to transportation, day/night markets and plenty of restaurants to choose from.

Saturday – The day started with a bit of a hiccup, as Bill discovered he had lost his bank card at the airports atm the night before. But we explored the area and found the outdoors store where I bought a much needed replacement for my old harness.

Sunday –  First climbing day at Devil’s peak, an easily accessible area that provides great views (the hong kong climbing page offers useful info). It is a nice area, with a few easier routes that helped us ease in to climbing on slab. In the evening, one of Bill’s friends invited us to check out the new whisky bar at the Hullet house, the hotel he is managing. He offered us different whiskies and had the chef make us some of their appetizers, including chocolate covered bacon (amazing!).

Monday-  Over to Macau. It was an interesting contrast visiting a city that had been a Portuguese colony, as opposed to a British one, and to see how this has influenced the culture. As it’s a city known for its gambling scene, and we were not very interested in gambling, a day there was more than enough. We visited the Ruins of St. Paul’s and the Taipa village, but the highlight of the day for me were the delicious egg tarts bought at Lord Stow’s.

Tuesday – Back to Devil’s peak to try out some of the other climbs. We warmed up leading a couple of the easier routes, and moved our way up. In the evening we met up with a couple of Bill’s friends to try out TAP, which proved to have amazing food and beers (we order almost everything on the menu).

Wednesday – The day went pretty fast as we had a sleep in morning, more bank card dealings, and a walk around the Mongkok market for last minute souvenirs. In the evening we took the ferry over to the Causeway bay to check out the horse races with some friends.

Thursday – Woke up early (ish), and made our way to Chung Hom Kok for some bouldering by the beach. This is a beautiful quiet area outside of the city, and since it was a week day we had the place to ourselves. The trip there was a bit long, but it was easy to find following the approach described in the guide.

All in all a great week in Hong Kong, looking forward to coming back and exploring more of the climbing areas (and good places to eat!).

Friday – Off to the USA for some family time.


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