Weekends in Fuyang


During the past few months I have spent quite a few of my weekends visiting Bill in Fuyang, a city that is located about 40 km south west of Hangzhou.

From Linping, I can reach this city via a direct bus that takes around an hour and a half, or by subway to Hangzhou then a bus from there (full trip takes around 3 hours). Why would we choose to take the longer way via Hangzhou?… Because it includes meeting up at the climbing gym and then dinner, thus cutting the trip in two and making it worthwhile.

Fuyang is a nice city along the river, older looking than Linping, but offers a greater variety of restaurants and a few more establishments that cater to the expat community.

Most of my weekends there have been spent exploring the different restaurants, getting to know people, walking by the river and hiking up the various mountains around town.

The mountains that surround the city are easily accessible by paths that make them an enjoyable walk (can be demanding due to the fact that paths are mostly stairs), with great views.

I’m looking forward to exploring the town further in the next few months.


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