Blue Skies in Beijing


A 5 hour train ride from Hangzhou East Railway Station got us to Beijing. We had a 4 day weekend due to the arrival of 2015, and we hoped on the train to make the most of it.

With everything (impressively) going as expected we managed to visit Tiananmen square, the Forbidden city, the Jinshanling section of the Great Wall and the Summer Palace. Also got to taste the delicious dumplings at Mr Shi’s,  the locally brewed beers of Great Leap, and top it all off with some Peking duck.

Not only did it all worked out seamlessly, but we had some unexpected blue skies (very unexpected given the known fact of Beijing’s pollution).

The highlight of the trip was the Great Wall. Since we decided to head to Jinshanling, which is a good ways away from Beijing and given the fact that its winter, we were rewarded with the Wall pretty much to ourselves. I would definitely recommend this section of the wall during winter time.

All in all an awesome trip with great company!


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