Day Trips: TangQi and ChaoShan

I have mentioned before TangQi and ChaoShan as good places for a day trip from Linping, but I felt like I should write a little more about them.

TangQi is a small village about 30 min away from Linping by bus. This area has developed, so now there is a growing city surrounding the old village. The interesting part is the small section along the side of the canal, where the Guangji Bridge is located.


There are many little shops selling all sorts of touristy souvenirs, food and snacks which is part of the charm of the place. There are also a couple small museums that show the history of the area. We only went into one of them, as for the other you had to pay admission, which seem like a bit to much for the size of the place.

To get to TangQi from Linping we took the 319 bus, which starts at the North bus station, although we caught it in one of the bus stops further up. From this bus stop it took about 30 min to get there (so I would estimate around 35-40 from the North bus station).

ChaoShan is a mountain/park known for the Spring plum blossoms festival. The past weekend we ventured out to see the blossoms, and although some of the trees where still in bloom, others had already past and some we assumed had not given flowers yet. It still was a nice day out, since you can hike up the mountain and reach several temples along the way.

To reach the park you can also take bus 319 and its only about 5 km out from the North bus station



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3 thoughts on “Day Trips: TangQi and ChaoShan

    1. Yes, this is in Hangzhou (Yuhang District) close to Linping. There are many places to explore around Hangzhou but it’s not that easy to get to them if you have a short time here. Thanks for visiting!

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