A Little More About Linping


It’s been now a bit over three months since I moved to Linping, and although there are still some areas I don’t know to well, I feel like I have a pretty good hang on moving around the city and the things that you can find in it.

Linping is a small city and at first it seemed to me like it did not have much going on. But as I got to know it better, I now think it can be quite a nice place to live in, and it appears to be growing quite fast (as most of China). Here is a bit of what it has to offer:

  • Xintiandi: a trendy looking area with coffee shops, restaurants and bars. It is quite small, but it’s a nice place to go for dinner and drinks. And it looks like it might expand a bit in the future.
  • People’s square: towards the center of the city there is a big plaza, just in front of a museum (which I haven’t visited), with a little canal and willow trees. At one end, there is a nice coffee shop (it has English menu). There are also a few restaurants around the area.
  • Linping Park: towards the north of the city you can see a small mountain with a big metal pagoda at the top. This mountain is part of the Linping park. The park is very well kept, with pathways to different view points, pagodas and some of the exercise metal equipment that seem to be frequent in public spaces in China. It’s a good place to go for a run, or a not so demanding hike. At night the paths and the pagoda are lit up, which make a for a very nice site.
  • There are a few places close to Linping that make for a nice day trip: TangQi village, a small old village along the canal with lots of vendors and food places. The village is surrounded by an expanding city, so for me it lost a bit of its charm, but I still consider it worth a visit. A bit before TangQi you can find ChaoShan (超山) park which is best know as a good place to visit in Spring as it is full of cherry blossoms. I haven’t been there yet, but I plan on going once Spring comes around (To get to both TangQi and ChaoShan you can take the bus 319 from Linping North bus Station).
  • Another place to visit is the replica Eiffel tower, which is located about 6 km outside of the city in Tianducheng. This is also in my to do list for the coming weekends.
  • As in most cities there are many supermarkets, but I would say that there are 3 main big supermarkets : Carrefour (update October 2015: from what I’ve heard Carrefour was closed), Walmart and Wumart. Both the Carrefour and the Walmart carry a decent selection of “western” products, including cheese (which is good news for me).
  • Transportation: the city has the normal city buses that are quite good to move around, and also has public bicycles that can be used with the transportation card (you can get cards at the subway stations). This card is the same that is used for transportation in Hangzhou. Linping Subway allows you to go down to Hangzhou city quite effectively, and since new lines are being built it will be probably make moving around the greater Hangzhou a lot faster and more comfortable. In addition to the subway there are two main bus station (North and South) which have buses to different destinations, including Hangzhou and Fuyang.
  • Additionally, from the Yuhang Railway station (two stop from Linping subway), there are fast trains to Shanghai which only take 45 min. So it makes Shanghai a good option for a weekend get away in addition to Hangzhou.

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