A Break in QingDao


National holiday came along and we took advantage of the time off, to head to Qingdao for 4 days. I knew very little of the city so did not have any expectations going in, and I can say that it was (so far) one of the nicest cities I have seen in China.

With a nice beach front, we did some walks along the shore and spent a couple of our mornings bouldering with a nice ocean view.

We also headed to Lao Shan to hike around the area. From Qingdao we took the bus to the entrance of the park (about 1 hour) then, after purchasing the entrance tickets, a shuttle bus took us the rest of the way to the trail starts. As it is in most parks in China, that I have seen, trails are stoned or paved stairs all the way to the top (which apparently can be escaped from in this park, if you venture of the paths without being noticed). It is though, a very nice park with beautiful views.

The rest of our time was spent eating good food and drinking beers.


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