Taiwan Summer (II): Climbing, Surfing, Hiking and even some Hopping


We started off by spending one night in Keelung, visited the night market and walked around the town, by the next morning we were packed and ready to head down to Long Dong for some climbing.

Long Dong was really hot, which meant climbing was only possible after 1 pm when the crags were in the shade. It is, though, an incredibly beautiful area of climbable cliffs all along the coast line. The approach to the crags was mostly 20-40 min of jumping from rock to rock and a bit of scrambling, which was fun, but in the oven like weather really tiresome.


After a couple of days we decided to head down to Hualien, a city that grew on us as the days passed. While there we did a 2 hour hike up one of the trails of the Taroko Gorge National Park (one of the few that were open due to the typhoon the previous week). We also took a chance in a river tracing (aka river hopping) day, but were disappointed with the company that was recommended to us by the hostel. The group was too large and the level of difficulty was very low, so it ended up being a slow stroll up the river, with a few fun points to go under waterfalls, scramble up rocks and jump of cliffs. Nevertheless it was a nice area to see, and I’m sure a super fun activity to do if you are with the right group.

Then off to Dulan, a small town along the highway with a good surfing vibe, we went. While there we took the chance to do a surfing lesson. I managed to stand up a couple of times, and survived being roughed up by the waves, so I might venture to say that I looked like a pro (if you overlook the point that it was really small waves close to the shore, and the instructor helped me catch the wave a couple of times).


From Dulan we headed further South and took the ferry to Green Island, a small touristy island nice to relax in. We rented a scooter and spent the day going around the island, stopping in the different scenic spots, looking at the sea life in the pools that were formed when the tide was out, having a few dips in the water, and following goats down their eating trails.


After a few days in Green Island, it was time to make our way back up for the end of the holiday. We did another stop in Hualien and then spent a couple of nights enjoying Fulong Beach.

It was a great trip,  and I left Taiwan with all the intention of going back. It is a great place to be.

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