Taiwan Summer (I): “In My Soul”


Last set of classes done, bags packed, key returned and apartment deposit received. The next day I was in Taiwan at a resort in the middle of the mountains of Hsinchu county, going through training for the summer camp that was starting the next day.

The first two weeks, and the last week, I worked at the camps held  in the resort without any visits to the outside world, besides a day trip to a small town called Neiwan. Though not a bad place to be a “prisoner” in (it was after all a resort, with pools, climbing wall, sauna and comfortable beds),  it was filled with kids and did not lend itself for “disconnecting after work” time, or much of alone time.

The third week I was sent to work at a day camp in Tainan city, which was a nice break from the resort life, and a good chance to do a little bit of sightseeing (besides the day spent inside the hotel due to a typhoon). I visited some of the temples, went to the night market for some good food, ate in a couple of  different cafes/restaurants, headed over to the oldest (but remodeled) department store, and checked out the narrow door cafe. And made sure to get all the chocolate/cakes/smoothies I could, in me before heading back to the resort for the last week.

It was a tiring four weeks of chants, dance moves, an excess of duck-duck-goose and some “thinking on my feet” lessons, but enjoyed some good laughter with great people I met and worked with during my time here, and also got a little bit more experience in this new ESL life path I will be on for the time being. So, yeap, looks like  it’s “in my soul” (that one is for my camp coworkers).

Now for some much wanted free time in beautiful Taiwan…

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2 thoughts on “Taiwan Summer (I): “In My Soul”

  1. Hi my beautiful baby…..I dont know how much you get to read of peoples EEEEs….hope you see thi8s, I am following your wonderful adventures..and sort of living through them with you.I have had previous ones printed out so I can read them over and over…I am moving in with a friend of mine in her lovely little bungalow…not very far from here, I will send my new details to Jen and then you will be able to fon me to the landline,dont know if thats less expensive for you, but its another option choice to call…Love you millions my lovely lovely girl…you are so brave and special..Take care always my love ….XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

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