Next Destination


With some plans about my next destination rolling out and it being my last month in Guilin, I find myself thinking more and more about the next move.

Paper work needs to be done (in a not that organized and a bit slow environment) and classes need to be finished, which makes it hard to feel that I have my next position secure. But if it all moves in the direction that I’m trying to go now, I will be headed to Taiwan to do a summer camp, followed by a (very much wanted) couple of weeks vacation, then starting September in a school in Hangzhou, China for another year.

So for all my friends and family out there, it looks like you just earned yourself another full year to come visit me in China! Your welcome!

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One thought on “Next Destination

  1. Hi Stephi… sorry that when you fond me today the traffic. was awfully noisy…and once again darling I thought for while it was Jenny…its that your voices are so very similar…I have just read your plans for the next…lots of months (crying noises…) but I admire you so much for your strong decisions……and I am sorry for you…but be warned as of now..I will by hook or by to get to see you over there!!!…note to ones self…start playing the Lotto!!!! well my love, please take care as always….I love you millions..XXXXXXXXXXXXXX

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