Nanning Weekends: Fighting the Overhang


It has been now 3 months since I moved to Guilin and it’s funny to think that I have less than two months before the term ends and I’m off to my new adventure.  There are some plans up in the air but I will write more about them as time comes closer. For now I thought I’ll write a bit about my weekends in Nanning.

Over the past 3 months I have been heading over to Nanning more or less every other weekend. With Bill there and some of his friends, it has been a nice escape from the routine of Guilin.  Weather has not been the most favorable, but we have managed to put in some Saturday climbs, and I have found myself fighting against what for me are pretty tough climbs (overhang climbs my fav!).

Arm strength is not something that comes naturally for me (I can’t do a pull up to save my life), so overhang climbs tend to challenge my ego as I find myself fighting the rock and loosing the battle. But I managed to finish 3 climbs this weekend, and I give myself credit for that.

Other than fighting big rock walls, my visits to Nanning tend to be filled up with biking, running, watching movies, the occasional random activity like decorating cakes with Bill’s students and just general enjoyment of hanging out with good people.

So far it has been really nice to have this escape place to hang out.  It definitely has made my adapting  a lot easier and I’m grateful for that.


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