Guilin: Squeaks, Dragons and Climbing

Moments that make me smile:

As I walk into the classroom of my youngest group (eight 3 year olds) I am greeted with little squeaks of excitement that do the trick for cheering up my day. Working with small kids takes out a lot of energy, but you get to be the funnest person in the world for 30 min.

Walking out of my door and into the city normally provides some entertaining sights: lady’s practicing a dance with umbrellas, teenagers working some moves to pop music or small kids bottle feeding fish. One particular morning I  woke up  to the sound of fireworks. Chinese people seem to love fireworks and use them during most of their celebrations. In this case it was the opening of a restaurant by the corner of my house; heading out to work and seeing red paper all over the floor,  a group of chefs (dressed to impress) standing around the door watching two dancing dragons, made a fun start for the day.


One of the perks of living in Guilin, is that an hour and a half away there is this town called Yangshuo, and in this touristy  town there is some beautiful spots for climbing (and also some good Indian food as we discovered this weekend). As you may already have concluded, climbing and Indian food make a really nice weekend.


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