Guilin: Rice Fields, Boat Rides, Hikes and Surfers


With a few days off from work, I decided to explore a bit more the surroundings of Guilin. My first stop was the Longji rice fields. It takes a couple of hours drive through the mountains to get there, which felt like a nice escape from the city life. Once there I hiked up the different view points and walked around one of the villages at the bottom of the hills. It was a quiet day there, as it is not high season yet, which meant I had the paths to myself most of the time.

For the next few days I decided to head down to Yangshuo. As I have been there before, I chose to take the boat down from Guilin. The boat ride takes about 4 hours. The views are beautiful, and the time on the boat was a relaxing nice sunny morning (which was a nice surprise as Spring has been lingering on, and rain does not seem to want to go away).

Once in Yangshuo, I had my first full day of climbing since I’ve been in Guilin, which felt nice and tiring. Sadly my skills have gone down, but I still enjoyed the day and it was nice to be back on the rock.

The last day I spent walking from Xing Ping to Yang Di in company of a new couchsurfing friend, whom I was going to host for a night once we where back in Guilin. The hike took 4-5 hours and followed the Li river, which guarantied beautiful views. We crossed several orange plantations and, since it was Qingming Festival (tomb sweeping day festival), the sound of firework detonations accompanied us most of the way. We also got to see a bit of what the day is about, as local people where clearing out the tombs and making offerings to their ancestors.


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