Chiang Mai: TEFL Certificate and Good Company


The month flew by and, before I knew it, the course (SEE TEFL Teacher Training) was over and we got our certificates. The first couple of weeks were easy going,  assisting class during the day; climbing, doing yoga, eating, and drinking during the evenings. On the third week we started our teaching practices, which I really enjoyed. I had the chance to go to 6 schools and teach different age groups (26 first graders, a one-on-one with an adult, 15 eighth graders,  25 college students, 26 3-year old kids and 6 inmates at a youth correctional facility). The experience at each one varied and it gave me a small sense of what it will be like. Overall I’m happy with the course and excited to start the next step of this journey.

On the last week Bill arrived for a visit and I had the chance to head out and do some climbing. It had been almost 4 months without doing any outdoor climbing, but I managed to lead a 6a (with a few stops to enjoy the view mostly, not because I found it difficult and scary). It was an enjoyable week hanging out with good company, having fun conversations, good food, beers and a great cooking class.

With the classes over, and a goodbye today, I’m back at an intermission step feeling a little anxious about whats coming next. For now I will have to be patient and enjoy the last few weeks of my traveling year.

SEE TEFL Teacher Training


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