A Long Trip to Chiang Mai


My last few days in CT where fun, we celebrated New Years eve by going to a restaurant/bar and, as we got seated late, received 2014 eating dessert (good thing my new years resolution was not to eat healthier). The next couple of days went by fast, and I was very sad to say goodbye.

The trip to Chiang Mai was long and tiring. I’m not a very good sleeper on planes, so when I finally reached the hotel (two days later) I slept for about 12 hours. The next day I was happy to wake up to sunny and warm weather, I had been missing that!

The first week of the TEFL course (SEE TEFL Teacher Training) flew by. The days were full from 9-4pm in class, followed by relaxing by the pool, yoga classes, walking through the market, visiting temples, hanging out with people at bars or climbing.  So far it has been a good learning experience and fun to get to know the different people that have come over to get the certificate.

Chiang Mai seems to be a very easy going city with lots of things to do, I am glad I chose to come back here to spend a month and experience the city better than the first time around.

I’m excited to see how the next few weeks pan out.

SEE TEFL in Chiang Mai, Thailand


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