Beginning 2014 with a See You Later CT


My two and half months stay in Connecticut is coming to an end. I came with the purpose of taking some time to organize my next step and make sure I was headed in the direction I wanted, and also to spend some time with my family. The two months flew by  just like the rest of 2013.  It was a great year filled with learning experiences, challenges and growth, and a real eye opener in terms of the way I want to live my life at the moment.

I’m grateful for my sister and brother in law that received me in their home for a couple of months and made me feel always welcomed. I’m happy that we have had the chance to see each other every year, and I hope we’ll be able to keep it going that way no matter where I am.

As 2014 starts I’ll be Thailand bound once again, but this time with the intention of getting a TEFL certificate (SEE TEFL Teacher Training) to teach English in Asia for a while.  This is an exciting step, and I’m happy that while there I will have the opportunity to spend time with some of the people I met during my past year of traveling. I’ll be sure to keep posting my new adventures and the stories of whatever direction I take along the way.

My one and only resolution, as it has been for the past few years, is to continue living my life in a way that makes me happy.

Happy New Year!


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