Xmas Traditions (Connecticut, USA)

photo by Jennifer Gonzalez

“Love, actually, is all around you”.

Growing up I had the privileged of living close to part of my extended family, which meant that the Christmas season was full of family gatherings and traditions. As the kids got older and dynamics changed  (people moving away, new partners, etc) traditions started to fade. It has been quite a few years of changes and I’m yet to feel that Christmas spirit that I got when growing up. But, so far, I have managed to travel to be with one family member or the other during the occasion, and at the end, spending time with loved ones, is what counts.

Since my family is spread out around the world, every year, in my head, I go through a “which family member to spend Christmas with” selection (that’s right family… you compete every year!), and my sister has won most of the time. Given her “close” proximity, the fact that she is my only sister, and sisters rock! she seems to have an advantage that allows her to take the lead. This year, with me being already in CT, the selection process was short and easy, my sister taking the “prize” on a silver platter. But don’t get discouraged family, maybe next year it will be you hosting and feeding me for the holidays!

Apart from the Christmas Hunger Games described above, the one other tradition that seems to have stuck is watching “Love Actually”.  I really enjoy Romantic Comedies, but there is a little more than that to me with this movie. The message, about noticing the love around you, is a good reminder when you feel like everyone is so far away.

So lets enjoy the little things, appreciate the people we have around us and have a Merry Christmas!


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