Birthdays in Connecticut, USA


I arrived to CT the 24 of October. The 7 hour direct flight from London to New York seemed fast and easy. My perspective, of what a long trip is, has definitely changed in the past 8 months. I headed over from NY to CT on a shuttle, and was received by my very excited sister jumping up and down in the street as I got out of the car (I want to believe she was super excited to see me, but the cold may have been a factor in the jumping up and down).

It was my first time in this area during Autumn, and it was lovely to enjoy the colors of the trees and the sunny days where a sweater or a thin jacket was enough to keep you warm through the day.

Both my sister and I have Birthdays in November, and it was the first time in a few years that we got the chance to be together for the occasion. Hers was first, and although she had to work on the actual day, we got to celebrate it the weekend after by having a few people over at her house.

A couple of weeks later it was my turn, the big 30 had arrived. I usually don’t really think about age that often and I’m not too concerned about getting older. If anything I feel like each year of my life has been better than the previous. When I think about it, I realize how much I have changed and how much better I feel just being myself than I did when I was younger. And that feeling grows more and more each year.

30 was a bit different. I had been thinking about it for the past year and it felt for some reason like a big step. Not that it takes that much effort to turn 30, it kind of happens without choice really. But in my head it was big, so I planned to enjoy 29 as much as possible, ending the 20’s with an amazing year and making it a good start for my 30’s.

And what a year it has been. 29 started with beergaritas (margaritas with beer), drunken jenga, and an empty transformers piñata at my apartment in Vancouver in the company of great friends; and it ended with sangria and tapas in a restaurant in Connecticut with my sister and friends. In the middle there was Nepal, England, Ireland, Italy, Thailand, Cambodia and China. So yes, I managed my amazing year. And I have to say, that the memories that stand out above everything where the moments of just hanging out with family and friends (new and old), indifferent of the location I was at.

Thank you all for being part of my life this year, and feel free to be part of it the year to come. I’ll be rocking out the 30’s.


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