A Stop in England and a Hop to Dublin


Back in England I found myself thinking about what would be my next move. I had reached the limit of traveling without making any income, so setting some sort of plan on the table and moving towards it was my focus.

I had a couple of ideas of what I wanted this next move to have. One was the challenge of living in a country with a different culture and language than what I’m used to. The other was to find a job that allowed me to have free time and explore the country I was in. Which lead me to think that I would like to teach English in China.

I would first travel to Connecticut, USA to spend some much needed time with my sister and brother in law, and this would also give me the chance to work out my move to China.

My flight over was set towards the end of October, which meant I had three weeks in England.  With the rare occasion of having alone time with my Grandparents, I really appreciated sitting down, cup of tea in hand, chatting about my adventures and listening to my Grandad’s reminiscence of his time in China.

Having three weeks there also allowed me to meet up with one of my friends from Venezuela, who happened to be  in Dublin for a few months. Having been on so many flights over the last 6 months, I decided to take the longer route and go over by train/ferry. It was a long journey (made even longer by the fact that they cancelled my ferry) and finally ended up arriving at my friends apartment around 1 am.

We spent 5 days hanging out, walking and biking around town, having beers, singing songs in a karaoke night and heading over to a “Brazilian night” party. It was good times with my friend, and enjoyed being able to catch up with him.


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