Last Two Weeks in China

photo by Bill Kyzner
photo by Bill Kyzner

Time flew by, and the last two weeks seem like a blur of fun times and a couple of traveling hassles (or more like me being emotional hassles). But even those moments are experiences that you remember with fondness at the end of the trip. In my mind  these weeks represented an “end” to what I had set out to do when I left for Nepal, and a starting point for whatever would be the next step. Which meant my emotions were running a bit wild.

My friend had yet another long holiday coming up so, after I returned from Guilin to Nanning, I spent a few days there hanging out until the holiday started and we could head out. The plan was to go to Beihai for a few days on the beach, then over to Yangshuo for some more climbing, and then me taking a bus/train to Hong Kong to catch my flight to England.

The bus ride from Nanning to Beihai was smooth, the hotel was easy enough to find, and after dinner we had a good night sleep. But checking weather before heading to beach was not part of our “elaborate” pre-trip To-do list, and overcast and rainy is what we got the next morning. A quick internet search confirmed overcast and rainy was the weather for the next few days so, after one night, of to Yangshuo we went.

One long ride on a sleeper bus (in the middle of the day), got us to Yangshuo on a very busy holiday. The town was packed with holidaymakers so it took some asking around to get a room for one night. Super hungry, and with the grumpiness that accompanies the hunger, we made our way through the crowds to a restaurant. After dinner and a couple of drinks, moods had improved (by moods I mean my grumpy mood) and we were ready for some good times.

We spent a wonderful week climbing, biking, walking around town, eating/drinking and changing hotel rooms every other day. It was a great experience, and I was very sad when the last week came to an end. After goodbyes, I took a bus to Guilin where I would grab another bus to the border of Shenzhen and Hong Kong.

I spent one night in Hong Kong, and the next day I was back in England.


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