After landing in Phnom Penh I was received at the airport as promised. Me, and other girls that where arriving at the same time, were taken to the guest house that would be our “home” for the orientation days, after that we would go to Siem Reap where the placement started.

With no plans or expectations at all as to what  I would see, I enjoyed the days looking around the different sights in Phnom Penh. And got to learn quite a bit about this country I knew very little of. Although it is nice to do research and know what are the “things to do and see” when you travel, the sense of going kind of in the dark was quite liberating.

A few days later I headed over to Siem Reap for the volunteering placement. The experience was different to the one in Nepal, and personally I found it very emotionally challenging.  Overall I am glad of my time there and I definitely learnt things about myself, although I have to say that my mind was not always focused on what I was living. Since I didn’t have a plan after my weeks in Cambodia and no return ticket, half of my mind was trying to decide what next, and that may have taken away a bit from the experience.

We had Thursdays and weekends off to relax and enjoy the town. During one of the weekends I got to visit Angkor Wat which is a huge religious monument and a must see in Cambodia. The rest of our free time was spent hanging out at the pool of one of the hotels close by, exploring the different markets, daily walks to the smoothie shop,going to the movies and enjoying restaurants, cafes and bars around town.

Time flew by, and before I knew it I was on my way to China (yes I decided to go at the end!).


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