Intermission: England, Ireland, Italy


With a bit of sadness, but feeling peaceful (I had just ended an 11 day yoga/meditation retreat) and happy about my time in Nepal, I made use of my return ticket to England. My head already buzzing with ideas as of when I would fly back to Asia.

As I land in England I was welcomed at the airport by family members, and that made me remember how much I had missed those hugs of the people you love. After a few days I started getting anxious about what would be my next step, it is hard to “live in the now”, “go with the flow”, “be in tune with the worlds energy” when you feel like you need to have a plan. Since I knew I wanted to go to Thailand, I got my head settled on the idea that I would be traveling for the next few months, and I would just have to take it a little slower.

As the days went by things started to fall into place, I had family traveling through Italy in a couple of weeks and I was invited to join them in Rome and Florence. I had family in Ireland I wanted to visit for a few days. And my friend would arrive in Thailand towards the end of July. With that in mind I booked my flights to Ireland, then Rome and from Bologna to Bangkok. This time being brave and only buying a one way ticket.

I also found the opportunity to volunteer in Cambodia, so I arranged to be there mid August to work for three and half weeks.

All was set, which meant I could dedicated myself to enjoy my days in England relaxing as much as I could. I spent a lovely time in Ireland with family I had not seen in while and meeting the new (or not so new by the time I was there) family member.  Then I hopped over to Italy, spending a couple of days walking the streets of Rome, and then a road trip to Florence where we spent 5 days at a beautiful villa with a pool.

Rome was unexpected to me, usually when I go to cities I like to try to picture myself living there, and although I only was there for a couple of days, I really enjoyed the energy. I would definitely like to go back and spend a longer period of time there exploring all that it has to offer. Florence was beautiful, it was like living in a romantic comedy, although I did not get any handsome, smart, funny, considerate, confident Italian rock climbing athlete knocking on my door. Oh well, maybe next time!

After 5 days I left my life of wine and chocolate tastings, sun tanning by the pool, delicious food and comfortable room with queen size bed in a villa, to board a train that would take me to Bologna where I spent the night on a bunk bed of a Youth Hostels dorm (my standards are not that high when I’m paying for the room) before grabbing my flight to Bangkok the next day.

And off to Bangkok I went!

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